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What Is Cardinal Music Company?

That's a long story....

Cardinal Music Company is less of a "what" and more of a "who." Cardinal Music Company is the combination of personalities, ideals, and inspirations of our family. We support local musicians and businesses. Cardinal Music Company exists to be a place of remembrance for those that have influenced and guided us, but are no longer with us. You can see pictures of some hanging on the wall in our store looking over all that come through!

Why "Cardinal"?

They say that cardinals appear when angels are near and represent lost loved ones. We are family owned and family inspired so it only makes sense to have our lost loved ones continue to guide us! The name Cardinal Music Company was brought up by the mom of the family, Paula Wilkinson, and everyone immediately agreed.


Co-Owner: Steve Wilkinson

Steve Wilkinson is the dad and drummer of the family. He has played with numerous bands including Bourbon Alley, The Justin Merritt Band, and Overdrive. With 29 years on the Shreveport Fire Department, he looks forward to retiring and putting full focus on the store and his students!



Store Administrator: Paula Wilkinson

Paula Wilkinson is the foundation and mom of the family. If you like the way the store looks, thank her! With her retail experience, she was able to organize the store to make it both functional and appealing. We wouldn't have the store (or a home for that matter) without her!



Co-Owner: Cardis Wilkinson

Cardis Wilkinson is one of the two sons and is the bass player of the family. After spending a few months in Nashville, Cardis decided to come back and cut his teeth a different way. He has played bass for some of the largest churches in Shreveport, LA and is the go-to call for touring acts like Brandon Rhyder. Cardis strives to be a touring bass player while helping maintain the store on his off days!


Tech Specialist: Landry Wilkinson

Landry is the guitar player, techie, and other son of the family. After attending college for worship ministry, he began diving into live and integrated audio. Now, he owns Landry's Sound Design and helps the store, and its customers, stay up to date on current audio, video, and lighting equipment. You will most likely talk with him or be referred to him when things get technical!

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